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client results after 1 year

"First picture was in 2015 and second was end of 2017. This program has changed my life and my daily routines. "
- Laura H.

client results

"A lot of hard work sticking to my workout schedule and adding some great products" - Stephen M

Client results over 90 days

"I was 262 lbs with no energy, no motivation to lose weight. Today I am 190 lbs and couldn't be happier! Keep going, the journey is amazing!"
- Meagan H

50+ year old client with major results

"It’s not about just losing the weight it’s about keeping it off and creating a lifestyle. Trust the process and stay consistent you can do it!!!" - Alfred T

Client results in 30 days

"If you're thinking of doing the challenge... do it. 100%. This is the best fitness decision I've ever made." - Michelle H

clients showing results

"90 day results...started with a challenge. Just about a 6 lbs difference in pictures."
- Sean H


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