Free Trial Expert- Day 3


Today’s workout can be used to either lose weight / get stronger or tone up / sculpt muscle.

If you want to lose weight or get stronger do 2 sets of 20 reps. (Do each exercise 20 times then rest for approximately 30 seconds or while your workout partner does their 20. Then you do your second set of 20.)

If you want to tone up or sculpt muscle, do 3 sets the first is 20 the second is 12 the last is 7. (You will be increasing the weight after completion of each set. You will rest 30 seconds or while your partner does their set.)

For the set of 20 put a weight that will give you fatigue on #17.

For the set of 12 use a weight that will give you fatigue on #9.

For the set of 7 use a weight that will give you fatigue on #4

Recommended items:

Workout Gloves to prevent calluses and weight slippage.

Shoes with plenty of tread, that are comfortable, to prevent foot pain or slipping.

Water to stay hydrated. Towel to dry sweat.

Before you start today’s exercise(s) do 10 minutes or burn 100 calories on a cardio machine. Use this as a warm up to get you blood flowing, heart rate up and heat up your muscles. (Stairs, Stationary bicycle, Elliptical, Recumbent Bicycle, Treadmill)

After you complete today’s workout, do a different form of cardio to cool your body down, for 10 minutes or burning of 100 calories. (So, if your warm up was treadmill, do the stairs as a cool down, etc. Be sure to switch it up daily, so as not to create a habit with these.)


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